Links to other websites we love

  • Redfield Community - this is where Small World Soaps is based and is where all our soaps are made and where many of the ingredients come from.


  • The Green Guide - this is a fabulous resource for helping you to live more ethically. It is about changing our patterns of consumption and seeking out greener, natural and ethical alternatives to every conceivable type of product and service.


  • Low-Impact Living Initiative - this website is absolutely brilliant. A not-for-profit organisation with hundreds of free factsheets, courses and books on all things green and eco-friendly. It also has a forum which is great for getting all your questions answered! Definitely worth a browse.


  • Aroma Web - a great website detailing everything you wanted to know about essential oils and aromatherapy.


  • The Natural Ingredient Resource Centre - this website was founded to help consumers, manufacturers and retailers, focusing on natural personal care products for the home and family, to learn more about the natural ingredients in the products they buy, make or sell, and to provide a resource for education about natural ingredients.


  • The Chamomile Clinic - a group of practitioners of aromatherapy, herbal medicine, and nutritional medicine based in South London. I've included this link here because not only are they lovely people, but their monthly newsletters are always a joy to read with lots of great info and tips.



  • Smart Skincare - this is a good website with independent technical information on skin-care products and ingredients based on published medical research. This link goes directly to their ingredients glossary, so pick up your nearest shampoo bottle, or bar of commercially made soap and find out what all those ingredients actually do!