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These Gift Boxes are handmade to order. Just select two of your favourite soaps (in the comments section during checkout) and you will receive a gift box containing two 100g bars of soap and a soap sock. "What is a soap sock?" I hear you ask! Well, let us tell you:

  • All our soap socks are hand crocheted by us using 100% organic fair trade cotton.
  • It’s a modern version of the retro ‘soap on a rope’ .
  • Pop your lovely handmade, palm-free soap inside one of our soap socks, and you have your very own soap and flannel in one.
  • Soap socks are very economical in that you can wash them and re-use them and also add all those little bits of soap that are getting a bit too small to use.
  • Using a soap sock means no more chasing that slippery bar around the shower.
  • You can hang your soap (still inside its soap sock) to air dry which leaves your sink or shower free of the soap mush that’s left behind when a bar of soap has been left sitting in a pool of water.


All packaging from our gift boxes are 100% compostable. Colour of soap sock may vary, but if there is a particular colour that you would like, please mention in the comments section during checkout.


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